Book 1:  "Never Give Up"

Book 1: "Never Give Up"

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Self-Publication by IT Risk and Security Advisory Services, ITRS:  August 2021 and will be published by Austin Macauley Publishers in 2022.

Also available on Amazon and The Book Patch ( for purchase.

This book is based on true events, and I hope it inspires young adults to persevere through life’s adversities as personal goals are always achievable… “Never Give Up”.  

My grandmother was a remarkable women, she was a wonderful combination of warmth and kindness, love and laughter.  As a child, I was fortunate to have a loving grandmother, my parents are divorced and during the period from when I was born to the age of seventeen, we moved continuously. Living in two countries, two provinces and attending seven schools to include private preschool in Guyana, South America public and catholic schools in Canada.

This book provides elements of a healthy childhood development fostered through a stable environment provided by my Gran.  

“Soft, warm and cuddly, Koala is a symbol of faithfulness, gentleness and peace.”  This children's chapter book shares the adventures of a girl named Koala in Grade Four.

Table of Contents 


One - Back to School

Two - Sunday Special

Three - Girl Guides

Four - Science Fair

Five - The Petting Zoo

Six - Track and Field 

Seven - Math Olympics

Eight - French Exchange 

Nine - Festival of Arts

Ten - Summer Vacation

Children's Chapter Book (Non-Fiction):  253 pages / 11103 words.

Author / Illustrator:  Tara Kissoon